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DVRex M1   Canopus DVRex M1 Editing Controller
Designed to give the digital video producer a complete video & audio solution.

Video Associations of Interest

ITVA   International Television Association
Large Educational Group With Many Local Chapters

WEVA   Wedding & Event Videographers Association International, Inc.
Dedicated to advancing the professional interests of wedding and event videographers worldwide.

AVP   Association of Video Professionals
Dedicated to elevating the profession of present & future videographers through technical & business training

Music & Sound Effects

Fresh Music   Fresh Music Library
More Than 65 CDs Of Music And Sound Effects (Buyout)

Network Music   Private Lable CDs
A huge Collection Of Top Quality Music (Lease)

Miscellanous Information

SIGGRAPH 99   Computer Graphics & Techniques
Aug 8 - 13 Los Angles CA USA

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