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Can You Recommend A Good.....

Breaking Into The Biz Book(s)
Read Up On All Aspects Of The Business.

I NEED To Find An Agent  Rep Or Agent
Your Best Friend / Your Worst Enemy.

I Love To Look At Magazines  Industry Magazines
Find Out What Is Popular NOW.

The MTV Generation  Multimedia
Tapes, Videos, DVDs and More.

What Makes A Good.....

The Perfect Book  Portfolio
Build The Best Book You Can.

Headshots  Headsheet / Resume
Pass These Out By The Hundreds.

Leave A ZED Card  Comp Or ZED Card
Your Best Tool - Pass These Out By The Thousands.

How Do I.....

I'd Work For Free ... Don't Tell Anyone!  Get My Foot In The Door
Which Comes First? The Work or The Experience.

Little Theater  Get Experience In A Small Town
Crawling Before You Walk or Run.

Self Defense  Protect Myself, I Worry A Bit About Safety
Fore Warned Is Fore Armed.


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