Companies That Help Us Make Our Images
Listed with each company are the products we use on a daily basis and can recommend them for their value.

Bronica Cameras
ETRS Small/Medium Format Camera System 6X4.5CM.

Fuji Film
Various 35MM, 120 & 4X5 Film - Test Color Balance To Meet Your Needs.

Kodak Products
Almost Always 100ASA Extachrome (EPP & EPY), Kodacolor Gold, Vericolor & TMax 35MM, 120 & 4X5 Film.
TMax & PolyMax Developer, Rapid Fixer, Indicator Stop Bath, E6 Chemistry
Panalure & PolyMax RC Paper In Various Sizes.

The Best, Most Versatile & Reliable Portable Electronic Flash Units.

RB & RZ67 Best, Most Versatile Large/Medium Format Camera System.
Half Of Our Product/Magazine Photography Revolves Around This Camera System.

These Folks Make Great Light Meters.
We Use Several Of Their Flash Meters And A Nice Color Temperature Meter

Since 1967 We Have Used Nikon Cameras, Lenses & Small Flashes Exclusively.
Current: FE's, 8008's, N90's & F3's, Various Lenses & Flashes

Since They First Came Out We Have Used Their Soft Boxes And Have Added Many New Products
As They Were Released (Reflectors) Only Warning! Replace Their Strobe Mounts
With Ones From Plume (No Web Site??)

Various 31/4 X 41/4 & 4X5 Film & Backs, Film Recorder & 35MM Scanner.
We Would Have To Change The Way We Work Without Polaroid.
The SprintScan ES Has Served Us Well (Fast & Great Color)

Beginner or Experienced Professional, all of us have been stuck for a posing idea.
Posecards remind the shooter and communicate with the model.
Simple clear and useful posing ideas and styles - easy to use and helpful for the new model.

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