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Other Photographers
In The Last 33 Years I Have Met & Worked With Some Very Nice People.
Some We Have Learned From, Some We Admire... And Some Both.

Gary Bernstein Photoworld
The first time I met Gary was at a camera show where he was demonstrating (teaching) his reflector system. He took time out to answer questions, as though he was speaking with a friend. (I bought the whole system and it was great) Several years after that, over the phone (he even asked how the reflectors were working for me), I arranged for Gary to speak at a local PPA convention. As usual everywhere he goes he teaches. In fact, he can't talk about photography without teaching. I've never stopped learning from Gary.
Photography Books From One Of The Best. Learn from Gary.

Dē Production
The Best Golf Shooters Around - Period.
Their newly revamped site is up and worth a look.
Some Stunning Images.

Jerry Jacka
This Is The Best I Could Find About Jerry Jacka, A Search Reveals Another 82 Articles, But No Web Site.
I've Known Jerry For 25 Years, Always Admired His Work, Everytime I See His Work,
It Makes Me A Better Person. Thanks Jerry. Go Out Of Your Way To Find His Books.

Need Help To Find These Fantastic Jerry Jacka Coffee Table Books

Ken Marcus
I've Admired Ken's Work For Years. Met Ken, Still Like His Work.
Okay, He Makes The Female Form Look Better Than Almost Anyone Else.

William Poutinen
Met Bill recently via the net. A newcomer to commerical photography.
Maybe a newbee - but damn I like his work - worth a look, if the female form is of interest.

Jim Read
A British photographer that is using 4X5 and home brew processing to further his art.
Both nature & nudes with a refreshing sales policy.
Does he know a good countryside Bed & Breakfast place?

Al Satterwhite
Read His Book, Made Me A Better Photographer.
Thanks Al.

Pete Turner
Admire And Steal Ideas From His Work Regularly.
Have Met With Pete Several Times, Another Sushi Buddy, One Truly Nice Man
Next Time Your In Phoenix, I Think Dennis Should Buy.

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