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Computer Equipment & Software
Companies That Help Make Our Graphics Possible

Software Reviews
Always worth a quick visit to see what we have been playing with;
We Review: "How Do I Do That" a PhotoShop Tutorial From Rick van Koert
Net Nanny & Screen Saver Studio - Real Buys!

Valley Computers
Service - With A Capital S
Fair Pricing  Special Orders - No Problem
We Could Not Give A Supplier A Higher Rating
Tell Marty - Ray, Karl and Cherie Sent You

The Second Color InkJet We Evaluated - The First One We Kept
Lasted Four Years Before First Repair, $150 For A New Head - A Little Pricey
Like The Separate CMYK Inks, Used For All Non-Photo Color Work - BJC600 (Ser# 00018)

Corel Draw - Corel Draw Suite - 86% Of The Market (Their Ad)
Great Product(s). One Of The Programs That We Use Every Day.
Started Using Corel 3 & Have Been With Them Ever Since.

They Make The Sharpest Best Color Of The Color InkJets (Sorry HP & Canon)
Single Color Cartridge Means 2 Wasted Colors Everytime 1 Color Runs Out
Several Repairs After Second Year - Epson Stylus

Hewlett Packard
Their Laser Printers Just Work - Day After Day
One Service Call in 10 Years - IIIP - 5P
Our HP IIc Flatbed Scanner Is Flawless After 3 Hard Years

Kurta Digitizing Tablets - How Anyone Photo Edits With A Mouse?? -
Glad To See Them Back After A Year Of Uncertain Futures
We Have 2 Of The Older IS/Ones They Have Worked Great

Unleashed Productions
A Fantastic Corel Educational Resource - Catch Their Seminars In Your Area
I Must Say I Have Known Pete & Foster For The Last 8 Years, Great Guys.
Friendship Aside You Can't Get Better Corel Training. Buy Their Book!

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