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This section contains information about, and samples of, Software we review, use and recommend. From time to time we also list software, products and services we come across that we think you may find of value.

Software And Product Reviews:

 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved "How Do I Do That?"
A Truly Fantastic And Surprisingly Complete "How To" Photoshop Tutorial.
Written By The Master Of Photo Manipulation, Rick F. van Koert Of 4F Fame
This Product Is A Must See And Must Have.

 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved "Harvard Graphics 98"
The powerhouse presentation software. Forget PowerPoint!
Want to make that next presentation quick, easy and professional?
Then Harvard Graphics 98 is a must have software program.

Recommended But Un-reviewed:

 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved Net Nanny
Keep The Kid's Surfing Safe!
 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved Screen Saver Studio
Make Your Own Screen Savers And Money Too!

 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved Everything Wireless
Cell, PCS Phone And Pager Accessories.

 1998 Ray Litman RLPG All Rights Reserved Web Card
Looking For A New Way To Promote Your Web Site?
This Is A New Inexpensive, Easy To Target Promotion Idea.
Ask For A Free Sample.

Software, Products And Services That We Find Of Interest.
We Hope You Find The Information Beneficial.


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