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In response to all the compliants we hear about the Web being too commercial and too expensive here is a list of links to great offers on the net. Since you can't find free Internet offers unless you are on the net we start with the best offers and how to get on the net for free.

Offer of the Month

January - Feburary 2001  My Points Redemption
A Fast Way To Earn Great Stuff

For all the offers on the web, this one has earned me the most useable products and coupons.

With MyPoints, you earn Points for great rewards simply by reading email, shopping online, touring web sites and more. And it's free!!

Redeem your Points for airline miles, fine dining, merchandise and more from great partners like Barnes & Noble, Hilton HHonors, Macy's, JCPenney, Sprint and Red Lobster. These aren't the typical $2.00-5.00 off when you spend $10 to $50. How about a $50 Gift Card to Home Depot?

Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!

Past Months Best Offers

Dial-Up Access, Web Pages and Computers
As you may already know, many (most) of the Free ISPs have or are closing their doors. Below are a few that are left as this is written:

Blue Light
Now from KMart - January 2001 - New Rules
Net Zero
Start saving money on your Internet bills? Join others committed to keeping the Internet free.

Free Hosting
Yahoo Geocities
The largest of the free website communities.
A free community offering a home on the Internet for members and visitors alike.

Dell Computers
Ok, you have to have a computer how about a Dell. Not Free but usually an excellent value.

The net abounds with offers of "free computers" ... all have big ugly strings attached, we have yet to find an offer we can recommend. Many companies have large rebates on purchases with a three year commitment to a particular Internet Service - Do you really want to be tied for three years to one ISP with a large penalty for changing services if something much better comes along and I assure you it is coming.

Get Paid To Surf The Web; Really
I know how crazy this one sounds but check out these offers to get paid while you surf... I know it's a dirty job ... but somebody gotta do it.   More Get Paid To Surf Offers

Best Of The Paid To Surfs

More Great Net Offers

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